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What You Should Know Before You Buy a New Opener

09/12/2013 Back To Blog

The garage door opener that you will choose today will stay with your family for a long time. Hence, it's good to think through what exactly you need and, if necessary, pay something extra for a safer mechanism. The most important characteristic of contemporary openers is that they come out with certain features, which can make your life easier and protect your family members more effectively. Some of them can be added at a later stage, but some of them would be better to have them from day one.What You Should Know Before You Buy a New Opener

The power

Most garage doors in California can operate with a ½ horsepower opener, but if you are planning to replace the current panel any time soon or expand the garage and enlarge the size of the door, you should get a more powerful opener. The price differences are not big and, hence, you can get a better unit anyhow.

The noise

It depends from your lifestyle and whether the garage is attached to your house or whether the bedrooms are close to the mechanism. Can you stand the noise of the chain drive garage door opener or would you prefer something more silent?

The safety

It is doubtful whether there are garage door openers today without sensors and the famous reverse mechanism, which can actually protect you from accidents. Manufacturers are obliged by law to produce these modern units since 1993, but you must make sure with the garage door repair in Granite Bay that the openers you are buying embody these features.

The convenience

Openers are activated by remote controls and the choice of the brand and technology would be yours. It would be wise to check what is available in the market and think how many garage doors you will need to operate before you settle down to a particular model.

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