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Every garage door service is important.  That is why we offer a variety of garage door repairs at Garage Door Repair Granite Bay.  However, there is only one service that assists you with preventing the need for repair service and that would be the preventive maintenance program offered through our garage door maintenance & adjustments service.  At our Granite Bay Garage Door Company we provide a regularly scheduled lubrication service that far exceeds anything our competitors has to offer.  We offer a system of checks and balances that greatly enhance the possibility of extending the life of your garage door system.Garage Door Service in California

Our garage door contractor in Granite Bay has designed a program that is extremely effective at making sure no screw goes un-tightened and no part un-lubricated.  One little problem over looked can result in catastrophe for your door operation; that is why we recommend that you allow one of our seasoned pros to provide garage door maintenance/adjustment for you.

The first thing we want to make perfectly clear about our garage door spring service is that we take it very seriously.  This is not a DIY project.  These springs are wound very tight to achieve tension specifications and can release deadly force if handled by a novice.  The torsion spring is mounted left and right center on the garage door for added strength.  There have been plenty of situations where people were injured and even killed dealing with this spring.  The Extension Spring that mounts on the far left and right of the door has deadly force as well but is a little better to work with.  If you want your garage door springs to last a lifetime then get galvanized garage door springs that can last up to 9 decades.  Our broken spring repair/replacement service is recommended to all of our customers for their safety.

We provide a truly reliable garage door opener service.  We provide only the most trusted brand names like the:

  •          Sears garage door opener
  •          Craftsman garage door opener
  •          Genie garage door opener
  •          Chamberlain garage door opener
  •          Liftmaster garage door opener
  •          Marantec garage door opener

When you get a garage door opener you have to decide what type of drive motor you desire.  The belt drive will deliver the quiet operation.  The screw drive will make some noise and the chain drive will be the noisiest.  Our seasoned garage door techs can provide repair, replacement, and installation services that will exceed all expectations.  Our garage door opener troubleshooting service is the best way to find problems quickly.  These openers must be installed properly and therefore it is sincerely suggested that you let one of our techs complete the task quickly and effectively.

Our garage door remote service in Granite Bay is very impressive as well.  We offer brand name products like:

  •          Genie Intellicode – uses rolling code technology to keep your code from being copied
  •          Liftmaster Security Plus – uses rolling code technology changing your code with each use
  •          Clicker – The garage door universal remote; works with most every opener brand
  •          Multi Code – can be used with 2 different garage doors at the same time.

Our garage door contractor in Granite Bay can do this right the first time offering security and peace of mind.

If you want to replace your garage door or garage door windows then you will want to check out our garage door replacement/installation services.  We offer a variety of doors in all different styles and designs; including materials like:

  •          Wood garage doors
  •          Aluminum garage doors
  •          Glass garage doors
  •          Steel garage doors
  •          Craftsman garage doors

Needless to say these doors can be very heavy.  Let one of our garage door techs carry the load for you.

At our garage door company/contractor in Granite Bay we put a high priority on garage door repair.  As a matter of fact; we offer emergency garage door repair service for the customers in the Granite Bay community.  Our techs can repair that weather strip and install a new bottom garage door rubber to weatherize your garage.  We can also replace section of garage door and repair that broken emergency release, which is required by law.  In addition, if the door off track we can put it back on in a jiffy.  We highly recommend that you let our experienced techs provide these repairs and any more as needed so it will be done quickly and professionally.

At our Granite Bay Garage Door Company/Contractor we know how essential a good garage door cables & tracks service can be for our customers.  Our techs are highly trained to replace garage track or repair bent garage door track as well.  If the cable came off the drum, which it can do from time to time; our techs can put it back on right.  If you have broken cable, no problem; our techs carry an assortment of garage door cable on their truck.  Like most garage door services these tasks should be administered by one of our seasoned pros.

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