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This page will give you the best garage door repair tips. They are simplified for practical use.

Painting wooden garage doors

Wooden doors usually require more care than other types of doors. Most homeowners forget to check the paint on the inside of the door although they tend to pay more attention to the outside paint for aesthetic reasons. Painting both sides in recommended every few years as it prevents the wood from warping and rotting.

Open garage door automatically without power

The backup battery system is the modern way of dealing with power failures. It is a separate, small device that can be connected to the electric garage door opener and according to the knowledge of our experts in Granite Bay, it can provide full 24 hour automatic operation from the moment the power is out.

Recalibrate the sensors if needed

If the sensors of your automatic garage door opener seem to be unresponsive or have a delay in response, it means that they are not calibrated properly. It does not mean that the whole garage door opener is broken, but recalibration is needed. A quick recalibration can fix the response time and make your garage door more efficient.

Keep solvents and lubricants ready at all times

Having a garage door means keeping accessories that may come in handy any time. These include solvents and lubricants which are very common for weekly or even daily use. Garage Door Repair Granite Bay suggests using them to roller tracks, latches and hinges to keep them rust-free for longer periods of time.

Have your garage door periodically checked and maintained by experts

Although there are some garage door maintenance that you can do by yourself, it is still best to have a professional garage door technician check your garage door. That way, they can make the best assessment and check your door and mechanism thoroughly for you and make the best recommendation for you.

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