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Who do call when your garage door springs break? If you think you can handle the repairs yourself, think again. A broken spring repair in Granite Bay can actually be dangerous.Garage Door Springs in California

*    A Granite Bay broken spring replacement can require two people to work an entire weekend.

*    A Granite Bay torsion spring replacement can cause injury if not handled properly.

*    Even replacing Granite Bay extension springs can be a cause of serious injury.

Don't put your Granite Bay spring repair in the wrong hands. You need to bring in the professionals here at Garage Door Repair Granite Bay. We can fix garage door spring in Granite Bay or replace torsion spring in Granite Bay quickly and safely.

The safety of the people who trust our services is first on our agenda. For this reason, our company never stops making improvements. Thanks to our powerful foundations and dynamic team we manage to help everyone fast. We offer same day emergency garage door repair and are always thorough in our work. Our technicians are familiar with all door and opener types and brands and that's why their troubleshooting skills are truly impeccable. We repair garage door parts and panels and are experts in opener repair services. We provide maintenance service and replace parts as well as the door when it is necessary. People can rely on us for fast adjustment of their overhead door, springs, tracks and sensors. We offer garage door installation and services in order to ensure the longevity of the system and its safe operation.

You may think that you can handle a simple Granite Bay garage door spring replacement without professional help. There are reasons why you should not try this:

*    Torsion springs are particularly dangerous. In order to lift a heavy garage door, the torsion spring has a great deal of power coiled up in its body. If you need to have a torsion spring replacement in Granite Bay, you need the right equipment and tools to detach the old one and attach the new one safely.

*    Extension springs require calibration to work properly. These springs are the ones that help lift the door evenly on both sides. If one side is not working properly, it can cause the door to come off the track.

*    Cost and convenience are two other reasons to bring in experts. You might think it would cost less to do it yourself. But in the long run, it would be more expensive. First, you need to make sure you have the right part for your door. You may need to wait a few days for the part to arrive. That means parking outside a few days.

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