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Expand your knowledge and expertise. The garage door repair FAQs are right here for you.

Why is moisture a threat to my wooden garage door?

Natural materials are very sensitive to natural elements. Wood is affected easily by the sun, rain and high humidity. It will react to elements and too much heat will dry it out while moisture will result to the development of mold and the complete destruction of the door in which case you would need garage door replacement at once. Garage door service and the maintenance of the panel can keep it protected.

Is there a treatment for broken cables and springs?

Some people try to reconnect the broken garage door cables but this is an emergency solution and we wouldn't recommend it as a permanent one. Garage door springs need to be replaced if broken and in fact if one of the extension springs is broken you should replace them both for better counterbalance of the door from both sides. In both cases, replacement is the best solution for more stable systems.

Which garage door parts are the most important?

Although we mostly talk about garage door springs, tracks, cables and openers, these aren't the only significant components. They're surely vital ones for the proper movement of the door but the experts of our company in Granite Bay insist that even the smallest nut plays a major role to the correct operation of the system.

Do I need help with tightening the garage door springs?

You definitely do need help. An extra pair of hands can be lifesavers when it comes to these situations – and even better if you have an extra pair more. Tightening the coils is no joke; make sure that you have all the necessary tools to service the parts.

Can the opener work in case of broken torsion spring?

This can happen only in rare cases. Such a situation can occur when the opener has sufficient horsepower to bear the entire weight of the door during opening and closing. Still, you will notice that the door moves much slower than usual. If the spring is really broken, you must bring the door to the closed position and then disconnect the opener. You must not operate the unit until the spring is replaced.

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